Happiness Comes From Within

Happiness Comes From Within

There’s tons of tips and tricks for unlocking happiness within ourselves. 

As human beings, we’re always looking for the shortcut or the easy way out.  We seek out every guru, self-help book, even this blog, looking for answers.  Ultimately, the answer lies within yourself and no place else.

It’s very easy to find these fixes in drugs and alcohol.  They are the fruits of the escapist route of happiness, falsities which provide momentary escape from the real problems at bay.  

After a while we begin to associate external sources as our only means of attaining happiness or equilibrium.

I had a bad day at work I can’t wait to have a drink.

I’m bored let me have a drink.

I’m (insert any feeling you want to avoid or irrationally dwelling on) + alcohol = escaped reality and feeling of false happiness 

That drink does nothing but numb the pain you’re avoiding.  Human beings are the biggest repressors.  We repress sad thoughts, stress, overwhelm, bad days at work with a swift: I can’t think about that now.  Where does that stress go?  It often lies dormant and shows itself most commonly as back or posterior chain pain but that’s for another blog post altogether. 

The real equation should be: I’m (insert any feeling you want to avoid or are irrationally dwelling on)  + sitting with thoughts and not allowing them to take over me = progress towards happiness. 

Yes, progress.  Life is a long game and whenever you think you’re there remind yourself that you’re ever-changing.

If we tackle stress and sadness head on, we can begin to make progress.  Sit with the thought, breath through let it float by and realize it doesn’t have control over you.  The reality we live in is the reality we create.  Being happy, like anything else, is cause and effect.  We create the experience of depression.  We create the concept of depression, too, so why not consciously choose otherwise?  Instead of reaching for a drink, why not consciously choose to be happy and without the need for that drink.  Feelings are just what we choose to focus on so focus on being happy, focus on what you want.


John answered a few questions about happiness.


What makes you happy?

Working toward a goal and seeing the hard work pay off. When a plan comes together and it makes a difference in someone's life. Teaching my kids to believe in themselves and then seeing the results. Meeting new people and listening to how they overcame obstacles. It's very rewarding to hear others who came from darkness into the light. Staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle. Going on speaking engagements and sharing my entrepreneurial know how. Completing a task because I know that I'll continue to build self worth.

How do you spread happiness?
Engaging with people who I meet for the first time. Sharing my love for an inspyring lifestyle and helping them to understand that anything is possible. Look at me!! Showing general kindness towards people. Teaching others how I got into the position I'm in right now. When you find a person that wants to be successful and you can teach them tricks on become successful, then I'm in my happy place. Give a smile and you will usually get one in return.



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