Keep Your Head Up and Disconnect

Keep Your Head Up and Disconnect

Today, on my drive to get coffee, I noticed something.  It was a nice day out and many people were out and about walking.  Two things immediately jumped out.  The elderly people were walking with their heads up enjoying the nice day while the younger generation were curled downward looking at their phones.

It's spring, the weather is breaking, nature is wonderful but none of that really matters to the information addicted millennial.   I fall very much into this category and I've worked very hard to correct my information addiction.  I still have to stop myself daily from mindlessly scrolling through my Instagram feed.

I'm addicted to the constant flow of potential information at my fingertips.  If I want to know the weather of September 19, 1957 in Fargo, North Dakota just because, Google will tell me.  Why would I want to know that? Who knows but the ability for that answer to exist at the click of a button is enticing and addicting.

The age of mobile supercomputers has corrupted many.  We're no longer as connected to the world around us.  Because of this, we lack an understanding of the importance of our world.  We treat the world unfairly and discount its wonders.  Our nation was formed not long ago in the scope of other civilizations.  Modern day New York City was a beautiful landscape home to the Lenape Indians.  Then came the Dutch.  Now New York is built up 100 stories in one direction and who knows how deep below.  We've lost touch.

Nature is extremely grounding.  Out and about in the fresh air has healing qualities for the mind and body.  I was forced with a very tough decision last week: to move back to New York or save money and stay at home in Philadelphia.  Stress got the better of me.  Suddenly, breathing through it wasn't as easy.  I needed to disconnect and clear my head.  

I left my phone at home and wandered down to the local park to walk the trails, ground myself, and hopefully come to a decision.  I entered the park a nervous wreck and came out an hour later at ease.  

Getting off my phone, lifting my head up to take it all in with a sense of wonder was more helpful than anything I tried.  My prescription for you if you're feeling stressed is go out in nature, leave your phone at home and unplug.  Let me know how you feel when you come out.


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