When All or Nothing Becomes All for Nothing: The Importance of Moderation

When All or Nothing Becomes All for Nothing: The Importance of Moderation

Recently, I've learned the importance of moderation.  I'm an all-in kind of person.  When I get into something that works I stick to it to the tee.  As I wrote about before, I was very sick and found healing through natural means.  Food is the OG medicine.  With a change in diet I drastically reduced inflammation and began to feel the best I've ever felt.  Yet, despite all the good things I went too far and shocked my body.

Prior to getting sick I was a pizza and cheeseburger kind of guy.  Salads? No way.  Any veggie? Some french fries. My body was in a toxic state.  Virtually overnight I cut out gluten, dairy and sugar.  I was left with the option of lean meats and vegetables.  Within a few weeks, I had lost a lot of weight.  Eventually I reached a good place.  Everything is relative, so, it was good given all experiences up to that point. Then my energy began to drop and I wasn't as focused as normal.  Things seemed a bit off.

Three weeks ago, I moved to New York.  Suddenly, I was on my own again and things began to turn around so fast.  I began to feel great every day.  I also began to loosen up my diet.  My meals were still very healthy but I modified my diet to more of an 80/20 healthy vs. somewhat unhealthy.  Soon, the stress of always worrying about what I'm going to eat washed away. In no time, I began to feel truly the best, compared to what I thought to what was "the best" before.  

It was a cold hard truth I learned through using my body as an experiment.  It may seem obvious to some but to me it didn't come easy.  Sometimes you need to loosen up a bit. The stress goes away and stress it what makes you feel bad.  Now I'm not advising you to start eating pizza and burgers all the time.  But in moderation it may even do you some good!  They're called comfort foods for a reason. 


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