The message is contagious!

Train Hard socks -

The message is contagious!

   'Tis the season - no it's not what you think. Training for a marathon, half, or 5k coming up in the spring? Socks can get you through. Ours are truly comfortable, but the message is what makes them special.  11 year old George ran his first half marathon in the fall.  This is him at the finish.  His mom bought him these socks to help him get through the training and he wore them on race day too.  The best part is that the message is contagious!  You might think your TRAIN HARD or NEVER QUIT socks are keeping you going, but think of all the runners around you who are getting just as much motivation from your empowering socks.  Now you're a hero and you owe it all to your inspiring message - and to all the hours of hard work you put in.  You rock race runner!


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