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Don't be a spectator, be a positive participant every chance you get

Hello there! I'm Mattie and I'm in high school in South Carolina. My passion in life is for us all to REALLY love one another, despite our differences. We are all in this world together....and can get stuck in the same boring routine. However, we also all have a choice. We can just sit back and watch the world from our perspective and stay silent, or decide to put words into action and become part of the solution to help this world we live in.  The next time you see someone in need, or you sense that someone is alone or not be afraid to reach out to them! This is a problem in society! Most people feel too proud, too scared, or afraid of being judged by helping another broken soul. This cycle has to change or our world will remain unchanged. I promise you that once you choose to do a selfless act, it will feel so rewarding and fill any void in your own life that may be missing. Don't be a spectator, be a positive participant every chance you get.  There are endless opportunities everyday right in your own community! Inspyr loves Maddie as a young brand ambassador because she lives our own message.  Positive energy is contagious - we make our products so that the message is not only a reminder to the wearer, but to those around who may also see the empowering words.  Make a difference as often as you can!


  • Inspyr

    Hey Kevin, Thanks so much for the kind words! We love hearing from fans and we hope you and your son can keep spreading the positivity!!!

  • Kevin Smith

    I just read through all of these stories but am leaving my comment here at the top post.
    Just wanted to say that these stories are empowering and very motivating! Positivity on every level-many facing everyday ailments and won’t give up, and many just doing random acts of kindness. Nice to see in this day and age! My son buys his socks from your company and we will continue to spread the word! Wishing your company continued success!

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